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At your service

Whether you have already entrusted us with your project or are looking for additional services, PACA Environnement is able to provide you with complete assistance in all situations.

We support you on various aspects, including:

Hydrogeological study

Essential for all non-collective sanitation (ANC) or rainwater management projects.

Video inspection

Allowing you to visualize the condition, direction and depth of your evacuation pipes, with the aim of unclogging or repairing them.

Maintenance and repairs

We offer maintenance contracts, whether or not we have carried out your installation.

Administrative management

We handle connection requests, SPANC files, road closure requests, tonnage exemptions, DICTs, etc. Through more than 1,800 projects, our administrative center has become an expert in all these tasks, in order to ensure the rapid progress of your project and ultimately guarantee its compliance.


Our services