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PACA Environnement specializes in the design and execution of work aimed at meeting the varied needs of individuals, small communities and industrial installations. We intervene specifically in the following areas, putting our expertise and our commitment to environmental innovation at your disposal:

1. Treatment and/or management of wastewater:

We specialize in the treatment of wastewater, whether for individual (ANC) or collective sanitation systems, covering a range from 4 to 500 PE (population equivalent) . Our approach is based on personalized solutions, guaranteeing efficient wastewater treatment while respecting the strictest environmental standards.

2. Rainwater collection and management:

We offer complete solutions for the collection and management of rainwater, whether for retention, infiltration or discharge into the natural environment. Thanks to our partnerships with specialized engineers, we are able to find the solution best suited to the problem of your property. Our goal is to maximize the responsible use of water resources while minimizing the impact on the environment.

3. VRD (various road networks):

In collaboration with expert architects and engineers, we design and build various networks, covering sanitation, water, electricity, telecommunications, gas, optical fiber, And much more. Our integrated approach ensures the effective coordination of these different networks to meet your infrastructure creation needs.

Whether you are an individual seeking solutions for your home, a small community wishing to improve its management of water resources, or an industrial facility seeking effective treatment and storage solutions, PACA Environnement can provide you with products. quality and tailor-made solutions adapted to your specific needs. We are your trusted partner for water management and network creation, thanks to our proven experience and dedication to environmental preservation.


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